The Podcast

As of October 2015, The Off-Road Millennial podcast is on hiatus. Check out the previous episodes, and we hope to be back again in the future!


  1. Welcome
  2. Kathryn Prociv: Weather Channel Producer
  3. What’s holding you back?
  4. Lauren Forney: Storm Chasing Entrepreneur
  5. Aligning your life with your truth
  6. James Plum: No degree? No problem!
  7. Charles Clymer: Former military and feminist
  8. Who are you trying to impress?
  9. Brantley Ussery: Meteorologist and photographer
  10. Are you treading water or becoming stagnant?
  11. Candace Kaw: Photographer and videographer
  12. Why chasing my passions is scarier than chasing tornadoes
  13. Nate Fender: Musical entrepreneur
  14. What does a coach do?
  15. Laura Yamin: Career Coach
  16. Kamila Gornia: Holistic business coach
  17. Diane Pauley: The post-grad coach
  18. Mini coaching session: Lifestyle
  19. Makenna Johnston: Business strategist and bliss doula
  20. Is coaching a viable career for you?
  21. Maria: Creativity consultant
  22. Rocky Guzman: Novelist and intimacy coach
  23. Ashley Williams: Holistic healing coach
  24. Emily Jean: Food relationship coach
  25. Nicole Liloia: Stress less coach
  26. Lydia Lee: Screwing the cubicle
  27. Sandy Sidhu: Digital marketer extraordinaire
  28. Cici Dimitrov: Millennial coach
  29. Morgan Krug: Recovering academic, animal lover, tiny houser
  30. James Ranson: Word coach and digital nomad
  31. THE Stacey Harris Unplugged
  32. Hannah Becker: Serial Entrepreneur
  33. Lindsay Smith: Rocking Her Twenties
  34. Brad Cooper: Beerpreneur
  35. Cailen Ascher: Yogapreneur
  36. Anita Wing Lee: Ready To Help Your Career Soar
  37. Kendra Kantor: Wellness Mentor and Mompreneur
  38. Tara Byrne: Teenage Entrepreneur and Uncollege Student
  39. Online Business Basics
  40. Jackie Johnstone: Social Media Strategist
  41. Eleanore Strong: Sleuthing Your Ideal Customer
  42. Lizzy Goddard: Making Chronic Illness Suck Less
  43. Farideh Ceaser: Musician and Launch Strategist
  44. Briana Meade: Mompreneur and Author
  45. Jason Bay: Founder of GenYSuccess
  46. Gina Horkey: Freelance Writing Coach
  47. Amber Smith: Climbing Out Of The Cubicle
  48. Systems For Money Management
  49. A Facebook Ads Primer
  50. Arianna Taboada: Self-Care For Mothers With Yoga
  51. Dayna House: Course Designer Extraordinaire
  52. Maggie Patterson: Marketing Moxie-ist
  53. Andrea Owen: Your Kick-Ass Life Coach
  54. Amanda Abella: Millennial Business Coach
  55. Ashley Stahl: Millennial Coach and Speaker
  56. Kate Marolt: Body and Soul Coach
  57. Paul Angone: All Groan Up
  58. Charlotte Eriksson: The Glass Child
  59. Natalia Real: Website Superhero
  60. Michelle Evans: Marketing Maven
  61. Daniela Woerner: The Business of Beauty
  62. Dawn Serra: Sex Coach
  63. Crystal Marsh: Lawyer Turned Career Coach
  64. Holly Gillen: The Video Queen
  65. Amanda Genther: Designer And Launch Strategist
  66. Devon Smiley: Negotiation Specialist
  67. The Final Episode