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Candace Kaw

Candace Kaw

Candace is another middle school friend of mine whom I had not spoken to in over 10 years…until this interview! She has been working professionally as a photographer and videographer for over 6 years, doing a mix of traditional work for the University of South Florida as a multimedia specialist and freelance work. She successfully funded her latest project on Kickstarter!

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Other fun facts:

  • I had to remind Candace that we had been in photography club together in 8th grade. I still have a picture of her taken with a pinhole camera made from an oatmeal can.
  • Candace used to write Harry Potter fan fiction. We had English class together, in which we mostly discussed Harry Potter (much to our teacher’s dismay).
  • Candace’s resume includes a range of work from weddings to vlogs (video blogs) and gigs with The Daily Show and ESPN. She has won awards and been in film festivals around the country.

Challenges for YOU this week:

  • Reasonable challenge: Figure out how to get a big name in your field (like The Daily Show for Candace) on your resume or list of clients. Have you interviewed Oprah lately?
  • Bigger challenge: Launch a Kickstarter campaign for your next big idea! Kickstarter is go big or go home–you either get all of the money, or none of it.