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Nate Fender

Nate Fender

Nate is a majorly creative entrepreneur and digital marketing strategist who has worked on an app for Google, worked for a Top 10 YouTube channel, was nominated for an MTVU Woodie Award with his old band, Chasing Arrows, and is currently in two bands and runs his own LLC. While I will still list “other fun facts” for Nate, pretty much his entire interview was a collection of fun facts!

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Other fun facts:

  • Like me, Nate has a Master’s that he isn’t using: International Relations. His M.A. gave him the opportunity to add even more countries to his list of places traveled to. He has been to 25 countries as of this posting.
  • Nate and one of my best friends from undergrad got married one week before I did in 2013. Through this interview I discovered that she has since obtained a second Bachelor’s degree. We clearly need to catch up.
  • Nate’s time with Chasing Arrows gave him the opportunity to be on stage with tons of great bands like the Plain White T’s, Vertical Horizon, and Carbon Leaf.

Challenges for YOU this week:

  • Reasonable challenge: Are you running your own business as a sole proprietorship? Do you even know what that means? Look into registering as an LLC or other entity to protect your assets and expand your professional brand.
  • Bigger challenge: Get on stage with your favorite band. Don’t get arrested. Good luck…and tweet me pictures.