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Diane Pauley

Diane Pauley

Diane Pauley, the PostGrad Coach, works with aspiring online entrepreneurs helping them get connection, credibility & clients by standing out in a crowded online market; going from online newbie to online business renegade.

Diane and I had a good chat about “coming out” as a coach to your colleagues and otherwise waxed philosophical on the profession. There are some good nuggets to pull out of our conversation about what a coach does and, perhaps more importantly, who a coach is.

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Other fun facts:

  • Diane will be running an event this weekend in NYC if you happen to be in the area! If you are listening to this podcast at a later date, this is completely irrelevant information for you. Check the event out here!
  • Diane and I had a similar (if not shameful) habit of calling in sick to our corporate jobs while working on our side hustles.
  • Diane enjoys working with creative Millennials.

Challenges for YOU this week:

  • Reasonable challenge: Find networking events relevant to your field…and attend! This will really push a lot of you, especially my fellow introverts, outside your comfort zone.
  • Bigger challenge: Can you make it to NYC to hang out with Diane?!