(37 minutes)



Maria is a creativity consultant living in Europe who helps creatives get clear on their ideas. Rather than a “strategy session,” she offers a virtual coffee chat. She takes a very unique approach to coaching and you can feel her energy bursting through your headphones on this episode!


Maria’s site

Other fun facts:

  • Maria was let go from her corporate job for being “an intellectual challenge.” She now wears this as a badge of pride.
  • Some of her previous job titles included product designer, artist, art theorist, and innovation manager.
  • Her long surname means “eye of the mill.”

Challenges for YOU this week:

  • Reasonable challenge: Be your own creativity consultant! What parts of your life would benefit from a boost of creativity?
  • Bigger challenge: If you were let go today, think about what skills you would take with you into your next job. Could you create your own unique job title from your skills?