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Tara is officially the youngest guest I have had on the show at 19 years old. This was a fascinating interview, as she explained concepts like unschooling and uncollege in a way that seemed much more academic and less hippie-ish than they are generally presented. She graduated high school early, choosing not to go to college. She has multiple entrepreneurial projects that she is working on at any time, and she lists both her failed and successful projects on her site. She is also a singer and manages the Under 30 Changemakers group on Facebook.

If you’re ever in need of a list of business books to fill up your time, Tara lists a ton of them that she has read and recommends on her site. She also provides links to grants and scholarships for unschoolers and uncollege students. I think you’ll really enjoy the information and perspective that Tara provides.

Tara’s site

Under 30 Changemakers

Tara’s Twitter