(25 minutes)

Welcome to the first episode of 2015!

Briana is full of energy and information about writing as well as life-work balance as a mompreneur.

She talks about getting into the freelance writing space and how to target her content toward the audience. Some of her tips include:

  • Focus less on yourself and more on your readers
  • Put yourself out there without getting your self-worth wrapped up in the outcome
  • Pitch yourself to multiple publications

She’s currently working on a traditionally published book (Love In Fast Cars [working title]) that combines her faith as a Christian on the margins of the religion with a focus on being a Millennial. She talks about transitioning from the faith people were raised in to the version of faith that most resonates with you as an adult.

What is the story of growing up?…Who are we as a generation going through these milestones?

Briana also provides a lot of insight on the traditional publishing process compared to the self-publishing route.


Briana Meade