Charles Clymer


Charles and I have not “spoken” in nearly 15 years! We went to middle school together in Texas at a very diverse school–something we talk about during the show.

Charles is a fearless advocate for underpriveleged groups in society. She was medically discharged from the military and found social advocacy to be a surprisingly obvious next step. While she is still not quite finished with her degree (at Georgetown!), she has nonetheless made quite the life and following for herself.

Many of her blog posts for the Huffington Post have gone viral; the posts often satirize current events in society or directly respond to messages of hate from others. He proudly self-identifies as a straight, cisgender male feminist and LGBTQ ally. Since this recording, Charles has finally come out as transgender, and the pronouns herein have been changed appropriately

Other fun facts:

  • Charles strongly believed that chess should be treated the same as athletic sports when we went to school together.
  • Charles’ girlfriend is a Fulbright scholar and often buys her flowers for special occasions (or no reason).
  • For her birthday, Charles runs fundraisers for various charities.
  • Charles just finished her internship at Emily’s List and will begin working for Ready For Hillary this summer.
  • In addition to all the above and his studies at Georgetown, Charles works part-time at the Holocaust museum in D.C.

Challenges for YOU this week:

  • Reasonable challenge: donate money to a cause you care about. Want me to spread the word? Let me know on Twitter!
  • Bigger challenge: donate time to a cause you care about.