(41 minutes)

Brantley Ussery

Brantley is a good friend of mine who has spent the past almost decade working as a broadcast meteorologist for the Charlottesville Newsplex in Charlottesville, VA. The Newsplex is a conglomerate of TV stations, so he works for ABC, CBS, and FOX! Even though Brantley has committed to a career that is fairly normal–at least for our degree–he still lives life like an off-roader! He has just gotten into running and photography in the past few years, and he is already making money and winning awards from the latter! He takes time for travel to see friends and family, allowing his career to fit around his lifestyle. Listen in as Brantley talks about discovering new passions and not setting plans for them! As a treat for you weather weenies, he also gives some advice to current meteorology students about getting into the field, and also talks about a day in the life for all those curious about what their TV weatherman is doing each day.

Other fun facts:

  • I interned for Brantley for a year. I got to see a news station in action the evening of the 2008 election. Otherwise I mostly hung out and chatted with the fairly young crew.
  • Brantley used to hate the idea of running or exercise in general. He’s now easily running 10-mile races at a 7 to 8 minute/mile pace.
  • Brantley’s passion for teaching shines through in how he talks to his audience, whether the audience is all of central Virginia or a group of boy scouts touring the station.

Challenges for YOU this week:

  • Reasonable challenge: take up a new hobby.
  • Bigger challenge: take up a hobby you think you’ll hate, like Brantley did with running, and see if you surprise yourself.